March AMA Schedule

Thanks to all our Sports Geek Nation Ask Me Anything (AMA) guests in February Sophie Moore, Simon Murphy, Harriet Eastham and Johannes Wohlert for sharing their insights. The AMAs has truly been a good way of learning more about the sports industry in any part of the world. Thanks to those who asked their questions as well.

If you want to look back to those sessions, you can read the full transcripts on Sports Geek Nation members area or read the  highlights on Sports Geek HQ.

Now, let’s welcome our new set of guests to share their insights in sports, tech and more. Get your questions ready!

The sessions will be held in the #ama channel in the Sports Geek Nation Slack.

NameFromSlack HandleWhen
10:00AM AEST
Chris DerrickAFL/OrderChris Derrick12-Mar-2019
10:00AM AEST
Jack GillibrandSoccer5sJack GIllibrand19-Mar-2019
10:00AM AEST
Andrew WraySnowball Esportsawray26-Mar-2019
11:00AM AEST

If you want to be part of the AMA schedule please reach out to @joliegee in Sports Geek Nation Slack.

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