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Want to connect with best practice leaders in sports business but don't know how to start?

Sports Geek Nation will connect you with a curated sports business community in Slack and Facebook to help you learn from the very best in the world.

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What is Sports Geek Nation?

Sports Geek Nation is a community of sports business executives who are looking to build their sports business knowledge by learning and sharing best practice.

Founded by Sean Callanan in 2015 (as #SportsBiz Slack), it connects sports executives who work in digital, data and technology.

Slack Community  

 Join the world's largest sports business Slack community. Over 30,000 messages have been posted in under 3 years with conversations in channels such as #digital #data #tech #sponsorship and #jobs.

BONUS Sports Geek Nation Private Facebook group to share and connect inside Facebook.

VALUE $1200

Monthly Sports Geek Nation Content

Each month Sports Geek's Sean Callanan will host a Facebook Live answering questions from the Sports Geek Nation community. 

Every month you'll be emailed the video replay, member profiles and more.

VALUE $3600

Curated Sports Business Network

 Sports Geek Nation reviews and verifies that all members either work for Industry (Team, League, Association or Stadium) or with a Vendor (Consultant, Agency, Startup, Tech). 

Sports Geek Nation is truly a global network with members in North America, Europe & Asia Pacific. 

VALUE Priceless


For signing on as a Sports Geek Nation YEARLY Member today you will get access to the following:

Understanding Facebook Data - Sports Geek Guide Learn more about your fans to increase sponsorship, digital and ticketing outcomes

Building Facebook Campaigns - Sports Geek Guide See how Sports Geek drives digital fans into stadiums using Facebook Ads - It's all about the cheeks in the seats!  

Digital Case Studies from Around the World Learn how teams activate sponsors and connect with fans with case studies from Portland Trailblazers, AFL, NASCAR, Arsenal and more 

Copy of EVERY keynote presentation Sean Callanan delivers Stay up to date with trends in digital marketing & sports technology everytime Sean speaks. Normally reserved for conference attendees. 

Sports Geek Nation Testimonials

What do sports executives have to say about the Sports Geek Nation community?

Sports Geek Nation has members from (in alphabetical order) Australia, Canada , Denmark, India, Lithuania, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States working in sports such as basketball, football, ice hockey, baseball, AFL, horse racing, golf, rugby league, netball and more.

When I started Sports Geek Nation in 2015, then #SportsBiz Slack, I didn't think it would grow into the great community it is today.

I'm lucky enough to meet many sports executives on my travels and one of the rewarding parts of Sports Geek Nation is that I am now connecting them with other sports executives around the world.

Sean Callanan - Sports Geek

I’ve only recently joined Sports Geek Nation but I’m amazed at the level of genuine engagement across a large number of people/regions/industries. I’d imagine this would take a long time to build- thanks for putting it together Sean!

- Matt Scully 

There is no doubt that if you want to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing and technology that a Sports Geek Nation membership is your best asset to stay up-to-date in a space that is constantly evolving.

- John McCauley

The Sports Geek Nation community is a great place to collaborate and communicate with professionals from all over the world. Having dedicated channels for different topics is great to focus on the latest trends and news in anything from digital, tickets to sponsorship. There’s no place quite like this community!

- Lenny Goh

Join The #1 Global Community Of Sports Business Executives

Let's summarize everything you’re going to get when you join Sports Geek Nation.

Inside Sports Geek Nation

  • Sports Geek Nation Slack Community - Connect with sports business executives to discuss trends in digital, sponsorship, esports, data, stadium.
  • Free calls with Sports Geek Nation Slack - You can make FREE international calls via Slack. 
  • Sports Geek Nation Jobs Channel - Keep an eye on jobs being offered from the Sports Geek Nation community or post your jobs to source talent globally.
  • Sports Geek Q&A Videos - Tap into best practice and insights that Sean Callanan has acquired working with and interviewing executives from around the world.
  • Community - You'll become part of a FAMILY of like-minded individuals who want to succeed in sports business.


  • Understanding Facebook Data - Learn more about your fans to increase sponsorship, digital and ticketing outcomes
  • Building Facebook Campaigns - See how Sports Geek drives digital fans into stadiums using Facebook Ads - It's all about the cheeks in the seats!  
  • Copy of EVERY keynote presentation Sean Callanan delivers

Sports Geek Nation

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